Hi all!  Welcome to Mr. Todd's web page at PCSS.  I look forward to another great year of music-making with All-City Bands...we have a busy season lined up for our music students.  We continue to run a Music Composition course this year, complete with updated technology and software.


On this page you will find a course syllabus for each music/Band course.  You will also find Music Composition assignments and related links to enhance learning.


Please check allcitybands.com for detailed information about performances, fundraising, and upcoming events for all performing groups.  Junior and Senior Band students are reminded that attendance at evening rehearsals is mandatory for course credit.

***Updated May 14, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting educational programs in the Yukon and around the world, I will regularly update this page with some specific information and educational objectives for Band 8,9,10, and Music Composition and Production 9/10 students.  Specific classes are in a menu bar at the top of this page.

I have put a Learning Snapshot Summary at the top of each class page.  If you open it, it reveals clearly the assigned choices and options for Term 4 assessment.  It's NOT TOO LATE to join a SmartMusic Class.  Instruction videos on how to join are on each class page.  Music Composition students can sign into BandLab to work on an online Digital Audio platform.

I would like to hear students' playing as part of the regular Band assessment of learning.  That can be done through SmartMusic or a recording can be sent as an attachment to keith.todd@yesnet.yk.ca.  If this is not possible, completion of one or more of the written tasks will suffice as evidence of your learning.  All assigned tasks need to be completed by May 29th.  Let me know if I can help or assist in this process in any way!

Band/Music Links

Music Games And


You'll need to get Adobe Flash Player for the games.

First levels of activities are free, then registration required.

A fun site to create cool sounds and mixes.

A great exercise in improvisation.  Import your favorite song (youtube link) and use your computer's keyboard to jam along!

A great groove/rhythm generator.

Music Theory and Ear Training

A great reference tool for all aspect of music

theory and ear training.  Everything from note names to chord progressions!

Another handy resource for brushing up on

your music theory

Another great reference tool for music theory!

Band related Links

and Helps

All-City Band's website for up to date news, dates, photo galleries, and links

This website offers a huge repertoire of Band literature that you can play along to.  It is free until June 30, 2020!  Registration requred.

This is a great site for finding free music for your instrument, accompaniments, and jazz helps.

A great tool for tuning, finding tempo and a virtual piano keyboard

A YouTube channel that gives you step by step instruction how to clean your instrument.

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