The Telus Community Presentation of the SHSS Music Program, produced by Bamboo Shoots...features our Jazz Band!!!

Happy Spring!  All groups are rehearsing regularly, and music progress is being made!  On weeks with the Collaborative Monday, Grade 8's and 9's will continue to be combined in the SHSS Junior Concert Band and will meet at 8:45 on Mondays.  Seniors will be combined every Tuesday until after April 16th.  Check the downloadable schedule just below here.  Just a reminder, that great care is taken with COVID-19 protocols when combined rehearsals are in session.

Jazz Combo continues to meet Wednesdays at noon.  This is a more informal group for students wanting to dive more into jazz and improvisation, on top of the current Jazz Band class that runs on Wednesday mornings.

The Senior Concert Band and the Jazz Band are participating in the Con Brio CloudFest Festival the week of April 13 to 16.  We will record several of our performance pieces and submit them to the festival by April 16th.  The following week, we will receive feedback from several professional Band adjudicators to support our learning in music.  Students in these groups will be practicing in their full groups and a few sectionals to polish things up.  Check the March and soon to be released April calendar for rehearsal/sectional times.

Home practice sheets were issued the first week of January and are due just before Spring Break in March.  Students should ideally practicing an hour to two hours a week on top of their regularly scheduled classes/rehearsals.

This week!!!

Classes for April 6 to 8 in Band:

Tuesday: Combined Senior Band, Music Comp.

Weds:  Jazz Band; Jazz Combo at noon,  Band 8's after school 

Thurs:  Senior Band Woodwinds 7:30 a.m.

Seniors and Jazz...Recording sessions next week!

April Rehearsal Calendar

Should there be home practising?

Absolutely!  A home practice chart/log is being distributed early in January.  Band students can record how much and WHAT they are practicing via a Word doc. or a pdf. file.  It is to be turned in by March 17th!  It can be submitted to me electronically or in person by then.

Home Practice Chart

SHSS Band Rental Info

SHSS is charging $80 for Band instrument rental this year.  With added cleaning and maintenance costs during this COVID time, it is necessary to try to recuperate some of those costs for our aging instrument inventory.  A brink pink rental contract form will be handed out during the initial Band class meetings and rehearsals.  Please read the contract carefully (both student and parent/guardian), complete the top information legibly, and send payment by the end of September.  Payment can be made by cheque (made out to SHSS), cash, or paid by debit machine in the main office (during office hours).  If payment is not possible, we can work out a solution in the form of staggered payments, or look for financial assistance if necessary. 

Attached is the rental agreement if the hard copy is missplaced:


Music Games And


You'll need to get Adobe Flash Player for the games.

First levels of activities are free, then registration required.

A fun site to create cool sounds and mixes.

A great exercise in improvisation.  Import your favorite song (youtube link) and use your computer's keyboard to jam along!

A great groove/rhythm generator.

Music Theory and Ear Training

A great reference tool for all aspect of music

theory and ear training.  Everything from note names to chord progressions!

Another handy resource for brushing up on

your music theory

Another great reference tool for music theory!

Band related Links and Helps

This is a great site for finding free music for your instrument, accompaniments, and jazz helps.

A great tool for tuning, finding tempo and a virtual piano keyboard

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